stacey & steven : deep ellum

something that make my heart beat faster on a wedding day --

the most overlooked detail on the day of a wedding? the space you spend your morning tucked away in. and it's also where you spend most of the day. so you end up with a TON of photos in that spot. so if it's a dimly lit closet with green carpet and yellow walls and no windows, you're going to have less dreamy photos than a space that's dripping with light and texture and clean colors. and lemme tell you something. this? an example of getting ready bliss. gorgeous light. muted colors. ample space to shoot details, hair and makeup, and even a few portraits. (want more examples of delicious getting ready spaces? check here and here and here). it sets the tone for everything to follow. and if i start out feeling like i've just eaten seventy five million thousand pixie sticks, the photos are going to reflect that. cue magic and rainbows and puppies and romance.

i used to do these little mini posts with a handful of images from a wedding day and i've gotten away from that because HECK who has the time for anything anymore. but i'm prioritizing things that are important to me and this is one of those things. because we do what we want, right ladies?! and we gotta run while we're young.

a few of stacey and steven. a dream. Sydney Lopez on hair and makeup and the Workshop at Hickory Street Annex on florals.

S and S.41.jpg
S and S.856.jpg
S and S.36.jpg
S and S.228.jpg
S and S.70.jpg
S and S.139.jpg
S and S.56.jpg
S and S.908.jpg
S and S.437.jpg
S and S.179.jpg
S and S.164.jpg
S and S.474.jpg
S and S.470.jpg
S and S.409.jpg
S and S.921.jpg
S and S.334.jpg
S and S.938.jpg

i wish i had the time to share more, but this is better than nothing. and it feels real good to be back.