rowen & taylor || austin. tx

if i could go back and shoot this day again and again i'd say sign me up without even thinking. because rowe and taylor are my people through and through. this was one of the best examples of connection. of a couple being the right fit. i've got a major couple crush on rowen and taylor and i wanna be friends with them until forever. (LYLAS, you two.)

silvery grey light you just wanna die over, sick getting ready locations, no bridal party, ample time for portraits + first look, all the guests in black, a wedding in a secret house with red walls, toasts on the front porch stair case, a lotta david bowie, french food. no need for tradition. this is about a marriage not a wedding. about a couple doing something that's true to them. that's what i'm into. the kinda couple who doesn't give a lick if there's a bouquet toss or a garter toss or if the guests stand around them instead of sitting. if that's you, then let's be penpals cause i want in on it. i'm always up to get down to songs from david bowie's labyrinth.

PS: thanks to krissie francis for side-kicking-second-shooting this one with me. she's a true gem.

makeup >> Makenzi Laine
hair >> Kristin Ronan
second shooter >> Krissie Francis