seattle, tyler & carina

i wish i could accurately put to words what it felt like to see Carina and Tyler’s names pop up in my email inbox. i wish you could have seen my jaw drop and all the words fall out and my fingers twitch as i replied as quickly and fervently as i could. because then maybe you would know how huge this was to me. to be asked by a wedding photographer—who shoots insanely sick work—to say, hey, will you shoot our wedding? 


a privilege and honor. and a friendship. 

so come with us, ferry away to Vashon Island. across deep grey blue waters. come on in, Tyler’s childhood home. take a seat in the backyard where rain comes from a cloudless sky and dahlias grow larger than children. 

witness true love and splendor and family and pierogis and polish vodka. 

C + T - Lauren Apel Photo 21.jpg
C + T - Lauren Apel Photo 710.jpg
C + T - Lauren Apel Photo 1053.jpg

all the praise and confetti for my number one Allison Harp who second shot this day with me. she is too freaking good/an incredible photographer/beautiful person. so go check her and Carina out.

also for the video done by the crazy talented Jeff Marsh: go here.

what a day. perfect happy day.