annique & pierce : okc

there isn't a higher honor. shooting another photographers wedding. it's a privilege to be asked to document any person's wedding--but another photographer. it's my favorite thing in the whole world. to create art for another artist.

annique is a super talented wedding photog (and pierce is an equally talented musician) and i still remember melting over her initial inquiry. it was sweet and honest and i hoped i would get to be a part.

their love is the real thing. and on a quiet farm in oklahoma, in the slow heat of august, they shed tears and shared promises. they ate pizza and danced enough to shake the ground.


this is every reason why i love shooting weddings. here are a few from the happiest day.

A and P.35.jpg
A and P.49.jpg
A and P.177.jpg
A and P.54.jpg
A and P.30.jpg
A and P.319.jpg
A and P.292.jpg
A and P.213.jpg
A and P.351.jpg
A and P.719.jpg
A and P.1537.jpg
A and P.1338.jpg
A and P.1350.jpg
A and P.722.jpg
A and P.1527.jpg
A and P.704.jpg
A and P.1453.jpg
A and P.497.jpg
A and P.549.jpg
A and P.550.jpg
A and P.509.jpg
A and P.481.jpg
A and P.513.jpg
A and P.570.jpg
A and P.793.jpg
A and P.380.jpg
A and P.1552.jpg
A and P.948.jpg
A and P.879.jpg
A and P.884.jpg
A and P.803.jpg
A and P.1611.jpg