nick & corinne : san antonio. tx

this day was so incredible.

i walked in, instantly welcomed, hugged, trusted. there is no feeling like that. when someone trusts you to do your job and do it well. and it wasn’t just my couple (though Corinne & Nick are totally tops). it was across the board. almost as if every single guest and venue staff member knew that i knew what i was doing. so i felt free—to create, to interact, to try things, to take my time, to be present and aware and to not miss moments.

and this day was full of that. hand squeezes and misty eyes and flat out laying down on the dance floor.

also PSA: pick a nice getting ready spot. it’s where you spend a majority of your day. so why not be in a space that has soft natural light, plenty of room for you to not feel holed up. it sets the mood for the rest of your day. and then you get photos that are dreamy creamy soft lovely. so many sweet interactions and precious conversations happen before the ceremony. and i want you to have the best possible photos documented during that time.