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kate & ben : napa, CA

dappled light on every surface. the greenest greens and richest ruddy reds. the sunset went on forever and they sipped wine and threw back cookie dough balls and danced until they had to leave.

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ty & ciara : joshua tree

ty and ciara are the two most genuine incredible people (example, after they left i kept hearing choruses of "gahh--they were just so nice" --but, of course i knew that) and they agreed to make the trek out from LA to the desert for my live shoot and it felt SO good. in my bones good.

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sus & josh : east texas

this wedding. it was. like thanksgiving dinner. or stars growing heavy and bright off of silvery tree branches. like your grandmother's backyard--the one you climbed trees in. like being home. i’ve tried to write out what this day meant to me and how it felt to be there but i can’t come up with the right words. i will say this—i’ll never forget that in the middle of the reception, i was alone for a moment. i saw the dance floor, and people in line at the bar—some seated mid conversation at long tables—the whole thing lit by an autumn moon and soft yellow string lights. and i felt weightless and overwhelmed with gratitude and blessed that i was there seeing it. i felt my eyes fill up and peace. such peace. thank you, Lord.

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