ty & ciara : joshua tree

so HEY, SISTA! is a photography workshop that Allison Harp and I put on with the help of HART Floral and Meagan Bechtel. it always ends up just feeling like friends new and old, good conversations, a time of being restored and renewed and encouragement. part of it, allison and i each run a live shoot to take away any of the mystery behind our process and then live edit a few of the photos afterwards. and that brings me to these two. ty and ciara are the two most genuine incredible people (example, after they left i kept hearing choruses of "gahh--they were just so nice" --but, of course i knew that) and they agreed to make the trek out from LA to the desert for my live shoot and it felt SO good. in my bones good. every new year i say "i feel like i know who i am now!" but idk, maybe we never totally figure it out. and maybe constantly seeing what everyone else is doing has influenced us to take diversions away from who we are at our core. so i'm working on that. but this definitely felt like me. and that's a good feeling. forgiving more (ourselves included) loving more sharing more.

can i shoot in joshua tree every single day?

Ciara and Ty35-Exposure.jpg
Ciara and Ty381-Exposure.jpg
Ciara and Ty384-Exposure.jpg
Ciara and Ty18-Exposure (1).jpg
Ciara and Ty373.jpg
Ciara and Ty34-Exposure.jpg
Ciara and Ty419-Exposure.jpg
Ciara and Ty142-Exposure.jpg
Ciara and Ty154-Exposure.jpg
Ciara and Ty56-Exposure.jpg
Ciara and Ty80-Exposure.jpg
Ciara and Ty194-Exposure.jpg
Ciara and Ty71-Exposure.jpg
Ciara and Ty79-Exposure.jpg
Ciara and Ty441-Exposure.jpg
Ciara and Ty119-Exposure.jpg
Ciara and Ty411-2-Exposure.jpg
Ciara and Ty115-Exposure.jpg
Ciara and Ty126-Exposure.jpg
Ciara and Ty75-Exposure.jpg
Ciara and Ty165-Exposure.jpg
Ciara and Ty220-Exposure.jpg
Ciara and Ty205-Exposure.jpg
Ciara and Ty455-Exposure.jpg
Ciara and Ty241-Exposure.jpg
Ciara and Ty226-Exposure.jpg
Ciara and Ty245-Exposure.jpg
Ciara and Ty216-Exposure.jpg
Ciara and Ty242-2-Exposure.jpg
Ciara and Ty457-Exposure.jpg
Ciara and Ty274-Exposure.jpg
Ciara and Ty292-Exposure.jpg
Ciara and Ty255-Exposure.jpg
Ciara and Ty269-Exposure.jpg
Ciara and Ty326-Exposure.jpg
Ciara and Ty353-Exposure.jpg
Ciara and Ty254-Exposure.jpg
Ciara and Ty273-Exposure.jpg
Ciara and Ty319-Exposure.jpg
Ciara and Ty424-Exposure.jpg
Ciara and Ty265-Exposure.jpg
Ciara and Ty317-Exposure.jpg

all love for Meagan Bechtel on hair and makeup
and Ty & Ciara for sharing their bright free love