audrey & john || northern california coast

I am drawn to what feels like glimpses of the otherworld. The feeling of electricity that passes when a hand gently brushes another. Fog so thick you could pull it close against your chest. Caves inside of cliffs that seem as passageways to new places. Wind that lifts your hair from your neck. It's a feeling. A feeling so good you want to bottle it up and breathe it in later. Where your full from the tips of your toes to the top of you head. 

This was that for me. It felt so complete. 

We met and hopped in cars and headed down the coast. Stopping when we wanted. Ate at a little diner on the side of a cliff. Swapped stories, became fast friends. Laughed. Took deep breaths. Watched the raging sea from sleepy beaches. 

This was an instant fit and connection. No plans, no destination, just loose ideas. One of my most favorite days. I wish I could go back and do it all again. A perfect day. A perfect, perfect day. 

if this is what you're looking for: no plan, no timeline, just you and the person you love most and a couple hours of aimless wandering and shooting and hanging and talking and laughing and getting lost in fog--well hi, that's what i'm looking for, too. so let's chat.


now there is no one you belong to how i belong to you.