krissie & bryce

in january I shot Melissa's wedding. in april I shot Krissie's. sisters--it makes this process different because you get this opportunity to spend a lot of time with the family, not just the couple. and you feel more attached and invested. besides that, i've known krissie for forever and she's done some second shooting for me over the last year. so this was a pretty special thing. seeing her walk down the aisle to bryce. the longer i'm married, the more i love shooting weddings. because you're stepping into the beginning of this, and i'm only four years in but i'm telling you--it's real good. almost like magic to me. honestly the wedding is overrated. it's marriage. it's the moment you pull away from the wedding. it's the everyday. that's the best part. 

ohhh krissie and bryce. you sweet little newlyweds.