laurel & austin

hopefully I'll write up a Hey Sista blog post real soon all about the crazy heart that went into it and how blown away we were by the support and the girls who wrote in (and the fellas!) and the girls who came--who share honest and brave conversations with us and the overwhelming theme of community and friendship and grace. it was a total trip. we're still reeling and already dreaming up plans for the next one so keep the ole eyeballs peeled.

laurel (a total fox) and austin (a killer musician). they're a real-deal couple getting married this june. and they didn't mind that I asked them to show up at 5:30 am or that there were 12 people watching while I shot them. little american beauties. with hearts of gold. solid gold. and i'm ready to see it all become official this summer. i love seeing people i love get married.