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reuben & chadney

and being there was a gift. bbq under string lights. the soft lull of music a conversation pouring from the kitchen. the creaking of a wooden deck turned dance floor.

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sus & josh : east texas

this wedding. it was. like thanksgiving dinner. or stars growing heavy and bright off of silvery tree branches. like your grandmother's backyard--the one you climbed trees in. like being home. i’ve tried to write out what this day meant to me and how it felt to be there but i can’t come up with the right words. i will say this—i’ll never forget that in the middle of the reception, i was alone for a moment. i saw the dance floor, and people in line at the bar—some seated mid conversation at long tables—the whole thing lit by an autumn moon and soft yellow string lights. and i felt weightless and overwhelmed with gratitude and blessed that i was there seeing it. i felt my eyes fill up and peace. such peace. thank you, Lord.

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