jen + jonny >> dallas tx

i'm about to get on a soapbox here for a sec (it's my birthday so i can).

i've said it a hundred million times--it is so important for there to be a connection between you and me. if you contact me because you're looking for a photographer to provide basic coverage on your wedding day, i'll tell you i'm not the right girl for the job. because i am interested in way way more than that. i want clients who trust me to shoot their wedding without sending me pinterest boards of images they want. because if you say "hey, i trust you--do your thang" you can bet that i will shoot the heck out of your day. i'll pour everything i've got into it. 

that's what i've got with jen and jonny here.

jonny has 13 friday the 13th tattoos and plays a million instruments. 

jen is a mega babe at five foot nothing and full to the brim with sweetness.

and here in a couple weeks under some giant trees in a quiet place, these two are going to get married. and i'll be there shooting every ounce of that wedding because they trust me to do so. i am incredibly grateful for each and every one of my clients this last year. i get to meet and fall in love with the greatest people. 

oh baby baby. jen. jonny. you guys are so great.