vsco film//06

I don't know if I have ever publicly stated this--but I've always told anyone who has ever asked--I use VSCO for Lightroom to edit all of my images. I started with VSCO as a base and then tweaked it here and there to create personal presets. I am a huge fan of everything they put out--I own all 6 film packs and all of the available mobile VSCO Cam edits. Just a personal opinion, but I don't know anything else out there that comes close to touching VSCO. 

I have a bad (or good) habit of buying their latest film pack whenever it drops and lucky me yesterday it dropped on my birthday. I actually think VSCO 06 might be my favorite film pack that's been released. Here are a few images with nothing done to them other than slapping on one of the VSCO 06 presets. I love you, VSCO. Keep being you.

 above// Portra 400+1 Night

 above// Portra 800 +1 Night +

 above// 400H+1 +++

above// Portra 400 + 3 ++

above// 400H +1++

above// Portra 160+1 Alt +

above// Provia 400X XP-

above// Sensia 100 XP ++

go check out VSCO. this film pack is on sale till Nov 4th.

PS--hair and makeup by Sydney Lopez on these bad boys.