grant and gretchen >> brooklyn ny

oh honey baby. we spent a week in brooklyn. solid gold. walked everywhere. ate the best food. had the best coffee. rested and worked. the weather was cold, grey, drizzly. rode the subway. and had conversations. long, uninterrupted conversations about life, and work, and poetry, and food, and every other thing we could think of. 

we also spent a few days with these guys. kind, genuine people--they've got talent and heart and the best sense of adventure. and now we want to move so we can live next door to them--down the street from the best bakeries and flower shops. 

brooklyn, you little gem. where have you been all my life. 

Lauren Apel Photo-Grant and Gretchen-Brooklyn NY-14.jpg

i shot all of this on one block. and i am in love with what we had on that block. magic can only happen if you are willing to laugh with me, run with me, trust me. it's a two way street. you trust me i trust you. and then we shoot the heck out of the time we have together. it won't be stiff. it won't be posed. i'll describe point a and point b and then you make it your own. we'll get there together. also, if you're down to elope in brooklyn call me because i'm yo girl. i love you, brooklyn.