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lindsey & jake part two

agreements made by deep blue sea, between here and Canada—everything magnified in the late summer sun. the lighthouse a sign for all time. dancing in lavender fields under a heavy lidded sky. and when they left you could hear the cheers from the trolley a mile down the road as the sound filled the coolness of the night.

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sara & otis : lady bird johnson wildflower center

i've said it before. a good getting ready space is better than the best cup of coffee as soon as your feet hit the floor. a good getting ready space is better to me than the coolest venue. it's where you spend most of your day. it's where the biggest chunk of your photos are taken. it can be used for portraits with your family or bridesmaids or first look or just you.

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ty & ciara : joshua tree

ty and ciara are the two most genuine incredible people (example, after they left i kept hearing choruses of "gahh--they were just so nice" --but, of course i knew that) and they agreed to make the trek out from LA to the desert for my live shoot and it felt SO good. in my bones good.

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