the christners ||denton. tx

I don't do family portraits, because intimate weddings and crazy in love couples and quiet elopements are my JAM, sista sledge. but--I've been friends with Lauren for over a decade (since I was 14--which doesn't feel like that long ago but HELLO we're getting older and yup that was a long time ago). i still remember her--scrawny, braces, curly hair--totally in love with Stiles. (they've been together almost as long as we'v been friends). i love em like my own family, because it's real easy. the kind of friendship you hardly have to put any effort into because it happens on its own. we've seen a lot of seasons of life. she was one of the very first people i met when i moved to texas. she was a rock when i became a believer. we were roommates. we sang backup in a band together (shoutout, Sam Robertson!) we went through a phase of never washing our hair and sleeping in the same bed every night. we've laughed so hard i cried and lauren literally peed her pants. we stood by each other as the other got married. there is history.

and now baby SV is almost two. so we went running through fields of gold to celebrate (and then went to dinner and karaoked Genie in a Bottle in the car--just keeping it real.)