corinne & nick || san antonio. tx

if this wasn't ideal, i don't know what is. 

and i'm not talking about just a fit with my couple, but like across the board--first time leaving a wedding having exchanged numbers with bridesmaids and photo bombed selfies. the most comfortable--a completely welcoming bunch. i've said before, it's my goal to really fit into a wedding day, to be hands on--keeping people chill and relaxed, helping to make everything smooth and enjoyable, and going with my gut on what to shoot when and digging in deep. and this was that times infinity. -- i felt included and trusted and hellooooo it was exactly what i would say people mean when they say the stars aligned. it was effortless. on cloud 9,999. in that situation, i just can't get enough, can't shoot enough, totally on the fritz jumping up and down freaking out. the location, the dress, the people, the weather, the feelings, the getting ready--it was dreamy. i pray for it. and this time i felt this jumpstart in my system. an electric surge. happy happy happy.

i've got a major couple crush on these two.