mignonne handmade || editorial

these pieces that Jennifer creates are heirlooms. delicate tulle so thin and soft it drapes romantically across the shoulders with an effortlessness that's hard to describe. gilded crowns of gold. combs that slide in with ease and hold together imperfectly coifed hair. 

i live in my head a lot of the time so bear with me as i try to explain what these handmade pieces are like--to me they have a cinematic quality to them. like, if you touch them, or as you put them on, a quiet set of strings play out a simple melody and there's a close up of someone taking a deep breath and the way dust catches light like magic when a single stream of sunlight comes through a window, or the way first frost makes its claim in a sprawling sparkling stretch across glass. these don't feel like manufactured designs stamped out a hundred times over and mass shipped to bridal stores across the world. these pieces feel found--like you stumbled upon them in your grandmother's attic while going through boxes of photos. 

if you can't tell, I love every single piece that Mignonne Handmade puts out. they're the work and hours and heart of one person's hands. from france with love to you. go have a look at her site and take the plunge. i wouldn't say these things if i didn't mean them--i really love Jennifer's work and these pieces are so incredibly beautiful. they deserve to be seen and worn and cherished and passed on. below are some photos i shot for her newest collection. scroll slow turn up the volume and take a deep breath. the weekend is nigh, friends. 

Fabi.Lauren Apel Photo-8021.jpg