bryce & krissie || tx

i’ve known krissie for over a decade. and i’m only 25, so you do the math. she’s seconded on weddings for me across the country and the state and i shot her sister’s wedding in january. so we have had the opportunity to have real good and deep conversations about all kinds of things. so there was a connection that was a little different than normal. i felt real comfortable. everything was easy. and the most happy.


i wrote and re-wrote these opening paragraphs trying to decide what exactly it is that i want to say but as the smart people say, keep it simple, stupid. so here’s what we’ll go with: more than anything else, i want to shoot weddings where the couples are in love. i’m talking can’t keep their hands off each other, so sweet and kind and warm, so happy they don’t care about little details—they don’t care about the wedding they care about each other. i’m not interested in weddings that look good on paper. i want real people who are really in love. the rest don’t matter to me. and that’s what this was. these two are in LOVE. like really really in love. and happy. the small stuff did not matter. it was insignificant. the vows, the tears, the kisses and hand squeezes and dancing and laughing—those were the important things. i don’t care where you get married—in your home, in my neighborhood, in france on top of the eiffel tower, in the woods, on a mountain top, in a library, in a courtroom—if you’re in love then i’m game. let’s not stress about weddings. let’s be present and enjoy this time where we’re celebrating love. 

also i have to point a couple things out--the gilded cover up was handmade by Melissa Harris (who also is making my sister’s wedding gown—she’s insanely insanely talented. blows my mind. so go check this girl out, ladies). 

makeup was done by Katie Anne who is real good with a brush and some lash glue and is just starting her business so call that girl up. 

headpiece was handmade in France by Mignonne Handmade (who I just talked about a LOT in my last blog post—my favorite bridal accessory line go have a look and order all the things.)

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K & B.Lauren Apel Photo 1071.jpg