lauren + jeffrey

so much hugging and laughing and jumping around and squealing on my end during this shoot. my heart my heart my heart. sometimes this job has real hard days. but i have all heart and guts for what i do. and the friendships formed are somethin else. 


time is a funny thing. 

lauren and jeffrey's wedding was the first one I shot as a full time wedding photographer last april. and here we are one year later, anniversary style. the shortest year of my life. 

as happy and loving and kind as these two seem--they're tenfold that in person. if you've met them, you love them. they're the friends you want around because you laugh and feel encouraged and ready to set fire to the world.  

i don't think of them as my couple anymore.
they're our friends. as easy as breathing.

we just fit. 

and that's what I want with all of my couples. I want to part ways on a high.