caroline + michael

'oh hi, we have this family cabin out in New Mexico, want to road trip with us and shoot our engagements there?' is how this all went down. no plans in place. practicing what i preach--i say i want connection. i want friendship over client-service relationship. i want to inject myself in, get to know my couples. well if this isnt an example of that i cant imagine what is. 

eating late night french toast at a mexican diner that serves breakfast all day, getting keys locked in the car, losing our breath at 10,000 feet--running around like crazy people kicking sand up, hopping guard rails, this is what i signed up for. getting to know people. real people. 

praise God for the couples that have reached out this year. 


so this is caroline and michael. and the magic land of white sands, new mexico.

im running with the wolves tonight.

Caroline + Michael.LAURENAPELPHOTO-26.jpg