jesse and kelly

before we started shooting, kelly told me--
"if you had said, 'hey, we're shooting in walmart today' I would've said, 'let's do it'."

that's the trust Jesse and Kelly have in me. they'd trust me all the way to freaking walmart.

this is how we do engagement. we ate meals together. talked about big things and nothing at all. drove around. went on a long hike through mud (and ticks and spiders) and got into a freezing lake. so now we're more than just a client and a business. we're friends. and when they get married we'll be there throwing confetti and laughing and crying and dancing around right along with them.

this year has been all about fit. couples we want to be friends with outside of shooting their wedding. and oh my lawd it's been so rewarding. best decision i ever made was to always go with my gut. because we end up with the most precious, grateful, down-for-anything couples like this. and then i shoot the heck out of them.

ps--hair and makeup by my girl, Syd Lopez. i just love her. she always nails it. HIRE HER.

K and J.Lauren Apel Photo-38.jpg