the carrillos >> austin tx

oh, emily and jon. I have a thousand and one good things that I could say about these two. I love them. of course it's real easy to love these two. I don't know that I've ever met two people who are a better fit than these guys. 

the carillos have a special place in my heart. no cake cutting. no bouquet toss. no garter toss. dinner before the ceremony. no bridesmaids-gather-around-and-zip-my-dress pictures. there was a teepee. there was a dress change. vows about taking naps and eating snacks. and hours to shoot portraits all around Austin. 

sometimes we get so wrapped up in traditions that we don't even know the meaning of. not Emily and Jon. they did as they pleased. skipped what they wanted to skip. kept what they wanted to keep. 

they fell in love fast. he told her he loved her on his birthday. and seven months later proposed in the middle of a field in Texas.

Emily and Jon-Lauren Apel Photo 048.jpg
Emily and Jon-Lauren Apel Photo 222.jpg
Emily and Jon-Lauren Apel Photo 249.jpg
Emily and Jon-Lauren Apel Photo 293.jpg
Emily and Jon-Lauren Apel Photo 282.jpg

huge thanks to Elisabeth for second shooting this one with me. a few of her images are in the mix. she's an incredible photographer and I was lucky to have her along. 

it's so good to have such a strong connection with my couples.

this year I have worked really hard at only taking couples who want to work with me. who aren't just looking for wedding day coverage, but want their story told from my perspective. when that is in place, all else lines up. there's trust. and I'm excited to shoot and they're excited that I'm there shooting. but first trust--lots of trust. and that was definitely Emily and Jon. 


the Lord has really blessed our business. and I am so thankful. I don't take a single moment for granted.