1. the Romantic

this was day one in my week of creative refresh. a reset button. a chance take a step back and breathe, be thankful, and shoot. a chance to explore in shooting new ways and editing new ways. so here is the start of that. I also want to say a public giant thank you to all of you who wrote in--I didn't expect much of a response and I was blown away by how many of you were up for getting creative and down for anything. it was a huge encouragement and I'll definitely do this again in the future and continue to collaborate with those of you who are interested. 


this is Lillie. 

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the feel was inspired by that little hole that creeps in when you come to the close of the best book. and the story is at an end--and it will not continue. the characters that you loved so dearly and thought of regularly cannot exist outside of the pages with you. they end when the book ends. it's the bitter sweet between the peace of closure and the abrupt end of a thing you felt so closely connected to. 

“If you have never wept bitter tears because a wonderful story has come to an end and you must take your leave of the characters with whom you have shared so many adventures, whom you have loved and admired, for whom you have hoped and feared, and without whose company life seems empty and meaningless.

If such things have not been part of your own experience, you probably won't understand..." - Michael Ende




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