braxae vintage co

basicalllllyy this is how it went down--my sister is in a wedding in June and had to find a gold sequin bridesmaid dress. she ended up finding Braxae Vintage Co. it's an etsy shop that sells vintage sequin dresses and gowns. sent the link to me, I contacted the owner and wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles she ended up sending me a gown to shoot. ba-boom.

coincidentally McKenzie, total babe town, was in TX and of course my ole' pal Syd jumped on board. i will always always be down to shoot a product i'm in love with. when it's a fit like that everything snaps into place, confetti canons go off in my brain.

brides brides brides. you have to check out Braxae--Sarah has an insane selection over there and i'm telling you, GIRL. who doesn't want something one of a kind? shut. it. down. go for bold, sweetheart. go for gold.

i have so much focus for this year--running straight ahead not looking left or right. my brains a live wire and and i'm so FREAKING EXCITED for all that's going on. a lot of travel, a lot love, and i'm bringing you with me. 

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