liz & bren

when we dream of autumn--the mustard gold dipped tree tops. the honey dappled light. the crisp air. the dark that creeps in during the last meal of the day. the colorless sky full of heavy white clouds and soft grey shadows. that dream exists in Lake Placid, New York. the type of fall Norman Rockwell would've painted. tree limbs hanging low weighted by red ripening apples. a crowded main street in the heart of the Adirondacks. 

Liz and Brendan already knew that. and so they wed--there in the countryside of upstate New York. surrounded by their closest friends and family. and I felt lost and moved by the beauty of it all.

I am so grateful for this year. the places I've been and seen and the couples I've shot. I can't take credit for a lick of it. the Lord has provided so much goodness. and I am so grateful. I had other plans for my life when suddenly photographing weddings fell in my lap. I had no idea things would end up like this. only a year and a half into being a full time photographer. what a whirlwind.