taylor & rowen

some connections are a little more instantaneous than others. if i've ever claimed a couple as my own, these two were it. the fit. the connection. it was the real deal, baby.

I showed up to the Heywood and it was just me and Rowen--we sat and talked for a half hour before I started shooting. before she got ready. we talked about personal things, wedding things, and things that didn't matter at all. what a treat. 

the people they were closest to stood and crowded around the bay window they would wed in, while a friend on guitar cut a path for Rowen to walk through. there was a lot of David Bowie. the guests wore black. toasts on the front porch. all at a little secret venue. 

and before they left, Taylor told me over the music and the dancing, "you're family." that's all I ever want forever. it's why I keep doing this, why I don't get burnt out on weddings. relationships, friendships, conversations. things that mean something. i'm not interested in anything less than that. i don't want to leave feeling like i fulfilled a service. that's not enough. it's gotta be deeper than that. 

thanks to Krissie Glenn for tagging along, being a great little road trip partner, class-act second shooter, and all around wonderful person.