mac & jon

the sweetest happiest day. gonna blog this whole dang thang eventually, so I'll save all the things that I want to say about these two for then.

for now, let me say this: this was an example of choosing the right spaces. particularly for getting ready--something a lot of brides don't think about ahead of time is that getting ready spaces are where you spend a majority of your day. would you rather spend half your day in a dark cramped hotel room with one little window, or a bright, natural light filled house with cute wallpaper and space to spread out with your mimosa? airbnb's often cost less than a hotel room (for reals--I've done the research), and you end up with wayyy more space (and if you do your shopping right online and look at interior photos) you can find a gorgeous space flooded with natural light. it will give me a sick space to shoot you other than a venue, your hair and makeup people will rejoice and raise jazz hands, and your photos will be one hundred billion million times better than if you are in a hotel/dark poorly lit space--that I can swear to you. getting ready spaces are usually an afterthought--but it's the space you end up spending the most time in. so why not pick a good one, girlfran? pro tip right there from you to me, lil honey. no matter who your photog is, this is solid gold advice. gold brick bar advice. platinum advice.

this was such a wonderful day. happy people are good people to be around. i wanna keep doing this every weekend.