sara & timothy

my first time to Indiana--shooting these two--getting married at Notre Dame. when you take me out of my state to yours, that's when I lose my mind with possibility. seeing new things makes the inspiration a thousand billion times stronger. knowing you trust me enough to bring me to your city--it isn't wasted on me, kid. 

I take that kinda thing and run the heck with it. 

yesterday was insane. bar hopping with a wedding party. the most gorgeous ceremony. a sick BHLDN gown. two of the classiest little babes. holy bride--Sara is crazy beautiful. a freaking fox. and that tux, Tim. ooooohhhh, girlfran. 

also all the thanks to the baddest mom out there--Steph Smith of SMTHFMLY--for being my partner in crime on this one. 


if you welcome me in, I can promise I'll be there in the middle of everything. I'll see the day the way your friends and family do. a day full of joy. full of love. 

I don't really do the whole document-the-day-from-the-corner-of-the-room. in my experience, it's best when I'm there dancing with the mother of the bride, high-fiving the groom's kid brother. screaming with your sisters over who the bachelorette chooses at the end of the season. laughing till I cry over that crazy trick shot the best man made playing pool. hugging you real quick before you walk down the aisle. jumping for the moon with you when you get that dress zipped up. and that's why I preach connection connection connection. it's a game changer. working with the couples that fit me. 

on a high and now I'm off to San Fran.