clint & cassidy

we were up with the birds for this one. went to bed at 2 AM after shooting a sweet little wedding and then it was up at 5:30 for this. ended up working 22 out of 27 hours. but that's what I thrive on--a stacked schedule. being busy is real good. 

I ain't gonna lie--I love moody images with rich shadows and beautiful lines. in general, that's the type of art (music, stories, paintings, poetry, etc.) that I gravitate toward. I want to create images you want to crawl into and float away in. and this was that for me.

started at sunrise a couple miles from our home. and then back to shoot in my living room. clint brought homemade cold brew. we listened to music. chatted for a solid hour afterwards sitting in the array of furniture I had pushed to one side of the room. 


there's this deep breath that happens right before I shoot. it goes in deep and out toward every corner. my adrenaline is going. my fingers are twitching. the feeling before a jump. and then I breathe out. and by the end I can't breathe anymore because I'm shouting and screaming and jumping around and saying yes yes yes yes that's it. that's it. this was one of those days. I don't want to be the only one on a high. I want you to leave with one, too.

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