i am way into these one on ones. i've learned that i love teaching. and i've always loved cheering others on--pointing out their strengths and grabbing their hand and bringin em with me. i picture it as this marathon and i started out running alone but now we're stretched a hundred yards wide holding hands, running together. 

a friend posted *this* today and it was the truest true for me. photography fell into my lap, all the doors swung open wide. it was kind of crazy how clear it was that this was what I was supposed to do. I had other plans. but this was meant to be. everything lined up. and I have to always always credit it to the Lord. so that means holding it with an open hand. and loving people the way I have been so generously loved. and helping and encouraging and sharing what I've learned and am learning. 

be bold. be courageous. put in the time. and remember no is just one person's opinion. 


olivia modeled for my mentor session last night. she was the first stranger I said "hi, I want to shoot you" to. and thank God I did. because the friendship that came out of it was unexpected but one I am grateful for. girlfran is a GIRL BOSS putting in the hours and running after what she wants. everyone needs a Liv in their life.