carina & tyler

oh gosh.

let's start with this--Carina is one of my favorite wedding photographers out there. so when she sent me those seven glorious words (we want you to shoot our wedding) it was a jolt of electricity straight through the heart. and a--what?! are you kidding me?! because shooting a photographer's wedding is an honor. but shooting the wedding of a photographer who you admire and drool over their work--that's like highest of highest honors. 

they were wed on Vashon Island a hop skip ferry ride away from Seattle. 
in the backyard of his childhood home with less than 50 friends and family.

quiet and intimate. no rushing. 
pierogis and polish vodka. a spot for everyone at the table (including vendors).

me jumping around freaking out. 

so for now, listen while you scroll and see what an easy-as-a-dream wedding is like.

Lauren Apel Photo-Carina + Tyler-4108.jpg
Lauren Apel Photo-Carina + Tyler-5201.jpg

also want to say a HUGE thank you to Allison Harp (a kills-it-every-time wedding photographer who is also one of my dearest friends) for seconding on this one. and Jeff Marsh who was the most hilarious (and chill) videographer of all times. 

this is what we're in to. intimate weddings. and being friends with you.