helllooo, HELLOoO, HuLLO

I am a real human named lauren

and I am an intimate wedding and elopement photographer
focusing on relationships and connection

I say "yall" a LOt and BElieve in kindness, generosity, and wonder

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we have been in love for eight years, married for five.

we have two pups--Roscoe and Bruiser--and to say we love them would be
a real understatement. i refer to them as my lazy coworkers.

we both went to college to study literature.
and we can always get down on some tex mex.

we are photographers, obviously
but that's just one part of who we are


mark loves dad jokes and dad facts. he is a total class clown. he also writes bad to the bone poetry and is published. you can read his stuff here

he shoots film (hasselblad is his weapon of choice) and develops it himself. when he's not shooting with Lauren he leads the worship for a local church.

lauren loves sci fi and fantasy fiction and anything other worldly. and she changes her hair more times in a year than most people do in a lifetime. she also loves loves loves to write.

she loves long eyelashes, diet cherry coke, and searching through hundreds of songs to find the right one for the right moment.


we trust in Jesus Christ.
He is the source of the love
we feel for each other
and our couples.

we always dance when dancing is happening. 

we value trust, kindness, gentleness.

at the end of the day we love a good meal with friends.
good conversation. genuine encouragement.

because that's what we're all about--family and friends and love.