to love

lately I've been placing a heavy emphasis on connection. more than anything else, it's crazy important that I connect to my couples. for me to do my best--give my best work--we have to trust each other. 

that was (and is) the case with Lisa and Isaac. there was an instantaneous connection. an immediate bond. they trust me. 

and so we adventured through golden hills and sun soaked fields, down alleys and under thick evergreens. we laughed and laughed and walked and walked and drove and drove. and we talked about the significance of marriage, and how beautiful it is. how the wedding is just a small part of a much greater thing. 

and that's why I love Lisa and Isaac. of course it's impossible to not love them.

hair and makeup by the incredible Sydney Lopez. she seriously makes everyone look like a movie star. if you're booking a session (with me or someone else) consider hiring her. she's the best at what she does. 




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