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mike & cherisse : the belmont

looking at all of the guests below—the quiet glow of the candles and pendant lights. the band was playing “where is my mind” and people were dancing and scream singing along. toasting champagne. and the weather was perfect. in this little alleyway slice of heaven. tucked under palm trees and vine covered walls under the glow of red and purple and blue and yellow stage lights.

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marty & an : atx

the light. man, the light on this day. how it touched everything in this pure and lovely and whole way, how everything looked. i was so inspired from minute one, so drawn in by the warmth of marty’s mother and sisters. i felt like i was seeing in slow motion. the tears that lined an’s eyes meeting the tears that lined martha’s. under passing clouds and a very large tree. it was simple and sweet with not one but two ceremony kisses and soft footsteps marking out a first dance. this is my favorite thing to do. my whole heart in it.

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