presten & kelly

never have i ever felt more welcome on a wedding. kelly told me over and over and over again--"i'm so glad you're here." there was no client/service. it was all fast friends. a lot of hugging and hand squeezing. we danced together. laughed together. i always put in 100% into any wedding i shoot, but when a friendship develops it changes things. when my couples invite me in--as a friend and not a service--well then i'm that much more invested. because i'm not just shooting, i'm feeling all of it. that's what i always want. and i'd say most of the time it ends up being that way. and LAWD this wedding sure was that way. it felt so easy.

i really do adore kelly. and presten. and both of their families. they let me in. 

kelly told me they were going for a dark, haunted vibe. freaking sign me up everytime. you do it how you want to do it. don't you worry about anyone else. throw all the rules out. 

i love my job. i love my couples. i cheer them on and scream with them and cry with them. laugh with them. share meals with them. road trip with them. and i praise the Lord for them.