new york, Liz + Bren

there is something special. and quiet. whispers through pines that guard mountains. fog that crawls in low and deep and heavy. still dark waters that bear witness to vows.

and we know the secret. we saw what took place there. in the valley between the hills. just as autumn made its presence known. we know and we saw. and remember.


this felt like a deep breath for me. a full deep breath, that fills every inch of your chest. shooting weddings is this incredible thing—i show up and meet these people i’ve never met before. and at the end it changes. it becomes this extended-extended family of mine. the thing i’ve learned this year is that yes, connection is important to me. but even more important is friendship. because i want to get to know who you are. who you actually really are. because that specifically is what makes this job fulfilling for me. trust, connection, relationship. because if i’m going to shoot your wedding in a personal way, that has to exist. that has to be there. 

marriage is a big deal. 
and in the heart of the adirondacks, liz and bren were wed.

listen and scroll and drift in.

also, we had our fav, Rob Martinez, with us shooting video. a true artist. be sure to watch what he created below. he sees the world in a beautiful way.