lauren & jeffrey

lauren and jeffrey. I don't even know where to begin. 

L and J have been together for many, many years. they grew up around the corner from each other--unaware that one day they would be husband and wife. that the boy next door would one day get down on one knee in a kitchen in Spain on a Tuesday and ask her to marry him. that the eleven year old girl that shared every class with him would become the girl he loves--the girl he'd write letters to. that they'd call every single day. that they would dance and laugh and pray and cry and then come together in the Texas Hill Country and speak tender words--promises and vows regarding forever. 

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lauren and jeffrey are the most gracious and kind people. 

it's easy to fall for them. they're so charming. 

somedays, this job is hard. but somedays--like this day--I can only think one thing. and it's going to sound trite, but I mean it with sincerity. I am insanely blessed to be doing this. I don't know how it happened but I'm grateful. and I don't take it for granted.