laurel & isaac : through fields

i don't know if there's anything more summer to me. than golden fields full. spilling over with the haziest light. stretching on forever and ever. the sound the grass makes when a breeze blow lazily through it. a girl in a white dress. following a boy. holding hands. dragonflies lit by sunbeams.

laurel and isaac are the loveliest people. brought closer through a difficult season. in love through and through.

he saw her at a party. and now a few years later their gonna swap vows.

Laurel and Isaac78LAURENAPELPHOTO.jpg
Laurel and Isaac86LAURENAPELPHOTO.jpg
Laurel and Isaac262LAURENAPELPHOTO.jpg
Laurel and Isaac122LAURENAPELPHOTO.jpg
Laurel and Isaac139LAURENAPELPHOTO.jpg
Laurel and Isaac273LAURENAPELPHOTO.jpg
Laurel and Isaac207LAURENAPELPHOTO.jpg
Laurel and Isaac267LAURENAPELPHOTO.jpg
Laurel and Isaac173LAURENAPELPHOTO.jpg
Laurel and Isaac169LAURENAPELPHOTO.jpg
Laurel and Isaac117LAURENAPELPHOTO.jpg
Laurel and Isaac177LAURENAPELPHOTO.jpg
Laurel and Isaac192LAURENAPELPHOTO.jpg
Laurel and Isaac121LAURENAPELPHOTO.jpg
Laurel and Isaac159LAURENAPELPHOTO.jpg
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Laurel and Isaac148LAURENAPELPHOTO.jpg
Laurel and Isaac180LAURENAPELPHOTO.jpg
Laurel and Isaac276LAURENAPELPHOTO.jpg
Laurel and Isaac285LAURENAPELPHOTO.jpg
Laurel and Isaac149LAURENAPELPHOTO.jpg
Laurel and Isaac99LAURENAPELPHOTO.jpg
Laurel and Isaac151LAURENAPELPHOTO.jpg
Laurel and Isaac259LAURENAPELPHOTO.jpg
Laurel and Isaac287LAURENAPELPHOTO.jpg
Laurel and Isaac105LAURENAPELPHOTO.jpg
Laurel and Isaac296LAURENAPELPHOTO.jpg
Laurel and Isaac269LAURENAPELPHOTO.jpg
Laurel and Isaac133LAURENAPELPHOTO.jpg
Laurel and Isaac450LAURENAPELPHOTO.jpg
Laurel and Isaac308LAURENAPELPHOTO.jpg
Laurel and Isaac311LAURENAPELPHOTO.jpg
Laurel and Isaac321LAURENAPELPHOTO.jpg
Laurel and Isaac318LAURENAPELPHOTO.jpg
Laurel and Isaac353LAURENAPELPHOTO.jpg
Laurel and Isaac377LAURENAPELPHOTO.jpg
Laurel and Isaac385LAURENAPELPHOTO.jpg
Laurel and Isaac406LAURENAPELPHOTO.jpg
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Laurel and Isaac420LAURENAPELPHOTO.jpg
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Laurel and Isaac447LAURENAPELPHOTO.jpg