kelsey and adam

the ground was laden with a slow moving fog. a heavy fog that held off rain. you could feel the weight of it underneath the pecan trees. but it did not break--we were allowed to pass safely beneath the limbs and leaves. on quiet feet pressed gently into soft, damp earth.

and in other places, the world was loud and moving.
but not here. here, we were still.

this is why it is so important to do a first look--to spend time away with the one you love on the day you commit your lives to each other. i promise you won't regret doing it. in fact, mark and i regret not doing one. i could write novels on why you should, but Jeff Marsh got it down nice and concise -- 9 reasons you should do a first look -- if you haven't considered it, i encourage you to check this out. happy reading, friends.

xx, wonderful monday to you. 

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