iceland, chelsa & ryan

I could tell you about how hard we laughed when our cars stalled out at roundabouts. or what it’s like to make a peanut butter and jelly in your lap in the car. or how no matter how many times you watch a geyser erupt in a row, it still catches you off guard. or what it’s like to meet up with a couple you’ve never met at the Keflavík airport at 4 in the morning and instantly fall in love. I’ll let those things, and all the other things stay ours. 

chelsa and ryan are the real deal. the way they met—at a time when they needed each other the most. the way they planned their wedding—just the two of them. because that’s all they wanted. all they needed. 

the second wedding I’ve ever cried at while shooting. I’m telling you—the real deal. 

eloping is officially my favorite way to go. 

part one

Part two

C + R Part 2-Lauren Apel Photo 59.jpg
C + R Part 2-Lauren Apel Photo 215.jpg
C + R Part 2-Lauren Apel Photo 235.jpg
C + R Part 2-Lauren Apel Photo 525.jpg

part three

had to end it with this: our partners in crime for this were the insanely talented husband + wife duo over at White in Revery. so check it out and check them out and let your jaw drop.