gabrielle & ben : marfa

part one : monahans sand hills state park . tx

to quote Gabrielle in the first email she sent:

"I don't know much yet because it's been like 5 seconds since I've gotten engaged BUT I do know I need Lauren Apel and squad."

getting that type of email is the highest honor and from the beginning i feel one thousand percent committed and ready to move mountains to make it all happen. because they're appreciate of the time and embracing the experience. it's those kind of people that you're like, sure i'll ride in a car with you for 18 hours even though we don't really know each other well yet to shoot your engagements in the desert and eat gas station snacks with you and swap stories and listen to nine consecutive episodes of serial with you and run around sand dunes and eat breakfast burritos at a place that apparently matthew mcconaughey has been to a bunch of times. if you want to take photos of people that really reflect them--you gotta get to know them. and what better way than roadtripping? all i know is when their november wedding rolls around, it's gonna feel like old friends. and i am so grateful to get to be there to shoot it.

luv u 4ever, Gabby & Ben.

PS: looking for something different? a two day roadtrip to nowhere? i'm looking for that, too. let's be real good real life friends and bond over gas stations and take slomo videos on our phones of the miles as they pass. and document in a natural, unforced kinda way.

PPS: (is it pps or pss? who can remember--fourth grade was a long time ago) 2017 is turning out to be the most refreshing fulfulling year. and in part because i'm choosing it to be. if you've been in a drought--i feel ya--just keep pressing forward. sometimes enjoying life and what you have is as simple as choosing to.

part two : Marfa. TX

YUP. here we go--day two.