franny and z

when all your plans explode and you have to find a back up plan for your back up for your back up plan--that was this day. and not once did I ever hear a negative or harsh word from either of these two. or anyone else for that matter. because that wasn't important to them. the important part--the marriage. the being together. the being with family--that was what it was about. the vows. the promises. 

I love what this insane weather brought us. moody grey light, soft light. quiet stillness. the kind that only the cold can bring. the thoughtfulness.

I'm pretty sentimental about this day. so much peace surrounding it. so much joy. hand squeezes and misty eyed laughs. two darling sisters dressing their youngest sister for her groom. a sweet father writing his speech in the kitchen. a precious mother full of so much love for her family.

this is what I do. I run after the story. the moments. I watch for what's happening around me--the thread that runs through the day. I inject myself into the day. invest myself in it. I've started to focus all of my energy on weddings and it's been so good. it's good to have a clear vision. a clear focus.

these stories are yours. thank you for trusting me with them.


hair and makeup >> Samantha Landis (makeup was inspired by the wedding scene in The Graduate. don't even get me started on how obsessed I am with the foxy 60's look. GOOD LAWD. you totally nailed it, Samantha.)