colin and katie

i have started and restarted writing this. wrote way too much and then tried to condense and it was impossible. so here are the facts.

i love katie like family. a second little sister. and colin is as good as they come. and yesterday was the most happy and the most full. and i cried more than i've ever cried at a wedding other than my own. 

and after they walked past the rows of family and friends cheering and clapping and shouting, just when they rounded the corner away from all other eyes, colin grabbed katie by the hand and twirled her round and round. picked her up and kissed her. and they were laughing.

hair >> Sydney Lopez


i have never known a bride as well as i know my sweet little katie. and i don't know that i ever will know a bride as closely as i knew her. life is so sweet. the people you grow to love and the days you get to share with them. it goes by faster and faster the older i get.