this is in no way a complete full post--that's going to take a while to get together and I'm not ready to work on it anyway because once I post them, then it's over, and I'm not ready for it to be over yet. Cambodia is overwhelmingly overrun with magic. It's in the early morning fog that hovers over still waters. It's in the sun heavy in the sky. It's in the people and their language and their faces. It's in the temples. It's in the land. 

when I write, I imagine places like Cambodia. The trees, the light, the sky, the mist, the land. 

to dream of something, and then to see it--it was crazy (no better word for it). there were moments where I thought--man, I'm never going to be able to explain this to anyone back home.  

and at the end, when I was on the 22 hour journey back, the thing I took away was the importance of giving. the importance of loving people. being kind to people (in a real way). 

there were other things, too. I formed a lot of new opinions on shooting--the point of it and how I will approach it from here out. I decided things. Tried things. Learned things. but at the end I was most grateful for the friends I made and the people I met. 

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eventually I'll do a big post with a million images and probably expand upon the things I scratched on here. 

huge thanks to Bobby Earle: the man behind the trip. He's an incredible photographer and has the biggest heart--specifically for Cambodia and the beautiful people who live there. 

so thanks for getting all of us together and showing us a country you love. I 100% get why you do now.


best, LA