i talk a lot about writing. words--together--one after the other. they create feeling. meaning. worlds and laws. they give life. and they give magic. words (stories) possess a transportive quality unlike other art forms, in that they require the reader to follow and observe and imagine on their own--there is no visual. the worlds and characters they bring forth are seen uniquely by each reader. it's a different experience every time. the older we get, the more life we experience--the stories change. their meaning and purpose. and when we remember them, our memory changes them. of course other art does that as well. but the story as an art is different. 

writing is a release. it allows me to visit places only i have been to and only i can go. 

and so, i have a new desire when shooting personal work. to show a glimpse into that place--the sacred imagination. what i see and where i go when i get quiet. to far away places. where rivers run free and trees grow straight through to the stars and magic touches everything. 

go ahead and listen while you scroll. i think music inspires me more than any other thing.

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there's nothing i love more than combining these two things.

writing and shooting writing and shooting writing and shooting. 

 cs lewis said, 'if I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world' and every time i read it i agree a little more. as a believer, i have a desire for something other worldly. and for now, writing and reading, listening and shooting--they give me a taste of that.