2015, hoorah

to God be the glory.

my second year as a full time photographer.

sat next to the bride and groom at their rehearsal dinner. ate a lot of cake and high fived  a lot of groomsmen.  figured out how to bustle an impossible dress. reapplied lipstick, tamed stray hairs, danced with the grandmother of the bride. delivered love notes. met couples for the first time at airports at 4 in the morning in foreign countries. 12 states. 2 countries. families and homes welcoming us in. 

saw things i'd never seen before. felt things i've never felt before.

had big light bulb moments.
and now a sharp sense of clarity going into this 2016. 

we were over and abundantly blessed. even in the dark days I could say, my cup was full. 

to God be the glory. 

also, I must ask that you listen listen listen while you scroll.

this is nowhere near close to everything. but it's a little taste of what 2015 was for us.
and so we're sharing it here with you.

Sara + Timothy-3-LAP-1098.jpg
Christina + John.LAURENAPELPHOTO-634.jpg
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