romantic with a punch
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my name is lauren and i shoot

Intimate weddings
& ELopements


editorials & PORTRAITS


i am a real human and this is my humble internet corner

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we trust in Jesus Christ.
He is the source of the love
we feel for each other
and our couples.

we always dance when dancing is happening. 

we value trust, kindness, gentleness.

at the end of the day we love a good meal with friends.
good conversation. genuine encouragement.

because that's what we're all about--family and friends and love. 


i'm a photographer
focused on relationships
and connection

I say "yall" a LOt and BElieve in kindness, generosity, and wonder.

I am a photographer, obviously
but that's just one part of who I am

I have been in love
for eight years,
married for six to my best friend in the universe and the handsomest boy on the planet.

we have two pups named Roscoe and Bruiser.sometimes we look at each other and say "isn't it weird that two dogs just live in our house?"


we both have Literature degrees.
and we can always go for tex mex.


I'm uninterested in being a vendor.
i don't want to be hired help.

i want to be a friend. like family.

to take photos of you that feel and breathe and move.

we're gonna have to trust each other.

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this is about collaboration


i want to create

rock n roll,

sick, punchy portraits.

photos that make you wanna
put on fuchsia lipstick

and wear sunglasses inside
and bob your head to whatever grungy, bassy, song is playing



focusing on small weddings
fostering quiet moments
couples that are in love
editorial work that resonates

stuff with guts

working together to create the sickest, most beautiful images of you at this moment in your life

Laurel and Isaac132LAURENAPELPHOTO-2.jpg

and i want to take
photos that feel

like a gentle exhale,

or foggy plains at sunrise.

like hands holding sunlight and lying in green meadows.

soft and quiet.

if you let us in, trust us completely: things are gonna get real good real quick.

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if you're feeling things, it's called the tingleys, and it means you need to click that button and fill out the form. so hop to it, my friend.


let's make endless out of control electric magic together.


let's be social, friendo